Aboriginal Catholic Ministry

Fosters the spiritual, cultural and social development of indigenous Australians especially the eastern and central Arrernte Catholics in Central Australia.

The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry strives to:

• Assist the Aboriginal community to share their faith and to care for one another

• Create an awareness, understanding and respect of Aboriginal perspectives within the OLSH Catholic community

• Create an awareness among indigenous and non-indigenous Australians that Aboriginal people are a significant part of the body of Christ in this land.

• Encourage indigenous Australians to participate actively in decision making in the Catholic community.

The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry provides sacramental and pastoral initiatives to 16 camps and remote communities in Central Australia and helps support Ngkarte Mikwekenhne Incorporated at 40 South Terrace, the present worship space for Aboriginal Catholics. If you want to get involved please do not hesitate to make yourself known.

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